Laura Carpenter Personal Training, LLC

Bethany Beach Personal Training Testimonials

Specializing in Individualized Functional Fitness Training for the 55+ Population

When I retired ten (10) years ago, getting back into shape and living a healthy lifestyle were my number one priorities.  Laura makes that goal possible.  I come to her three (3) times a week.  She has customized my program to fit all of the new activities I have discovered -- kayaking in the ocean, playing 18 holes of golf, walking with friends, enjoying activities with grandchildren, and hiking in many places across the United States and Europe.  My latest challenge for her is to prepare me for skiing again out West with my best friend.  I don't know what my life would be without Laura part of it!

Kathy Jankowski (August, 2020)

Laura has made a noticeable difference in my quality of life.  Instead of having my body declining a little each year, she has made me stronger, more flexible and better balanced.  She's done it without any of the torture one expects from a personal trainer.  I owe her much.

Kent Stephan (August, 2020)

I have been training with Laura for just two months.  It has made a noticeable difference.  Every session has been fun and seemingly effortless.  It has not been the drudgery I expected.

Bobbe Stephan (August, 2020)

Laura Carpenter is an awesome personal trainer!  She is encouraging, supportive and always challenging you to do your best and improve.  Laura works to improve herself and learn more so she can continue to enhance our training sessions.  The variety in Laura's strength training and cardio programs keeps things fun and shakes it up for maximum results.  I truly enjoy each training session and look forward to the next kick-butt one!

Maureen McCollum (June, 2017)

"I started with Laura in November of 2016.  Since that time, things have never been better.  My physical body feels much better, and I have completely eliminated a sciatic nerve issue from excessive driving.  I feel like I have been transformed into a  physically stronger person, and I truly believe it has helped my overall health.  Laura pushes me hard at every session and does so with a smile."

Tom McCollum (June, 2017)

So sweat is sweat!  Exercise is exercise!!  NOT!!  With an hour at least 2x's a week, you will obtain and feel an amazing rush, sense of accomplishment and opportunity to condition yourself for a life style change that will form the foundation for a healthier mind, body and soul!!!

Just Sayin!!

Bob Ciprietti (June, 2017)

I have been training with Laura for a  year and a half.  She is not only my trainer, but a friend!  Since we started working together, the workouts have always been carefully planned and never repetitive.  She keeps everything "fresh" and it is never boring.  I always feel you can tell a good workout when you are NOT looking at the clock and waiting for it to end!!! Laura tailors each workout to the individual's strengths and weaknesses.  I have been battling a knee issue since November and Laura has helped me strengthen the areas around the bad knee to better prepare me for knee replacement.  She is always cognizant of the knee issue.  I look forward to training with Laura for many years to come.

Mary Headman (June, 2017)

I have been training with Laura for about 6 months now.  I was a challenging client from the start due to a previous neck injury, yet that didn't stop Laura from taking me on.  We began my weight training as cautiously as one would expect.  Laura assessed my capabilities as well as my limitations.  She modified most of my training to not only produce great results, but to avoid any discomfort or injury.  Laura never left my side, always making sure my form was correct.  This was not your cookie-cutter training.  At all times I felt safe and very comfortable with her plan for me.  I have worked with trainers in the past, but never as competent or professional.  Laura has slowly helped me gain the confidence I needed to reboot my strength training and overall fitness.  I couldn't be more pleased!!  Thanks, Laura!

Sara Carlson (June, 2017)